Sheila Conley


I created Healthy Addictions to urge people to think fit, live fit as well as is fit. My goal, as well as objective, is to urge,

encourage as well as influence you to achieve whatever objectives you might have while supplying suggestions,

tools, and also accountability to aid you.


My name is Sheila Conley, I am a single mommy of 2 fantastic youngsters Catherine and Dennis! With the

outstanding work timetable I have, I get to stay home part-time with my children and also belong to their

institution life and spend lots of a good time with them.

I can not think just how honored I am as well as discover myself saying thanks to God OFTEN for giving me these 2 fantastic kiddos.

I'm so thankful for the support as well as like my family members and my friends have provided me in this insane desire I have to aid transform people's lives!


My enthusiasm in life is to aid others to achieve their objectives as well as see them understand their own potential to not just change their lives yet the lives of their family members as well.

I've been a health and fitness fanatic for the majority of my life, however, it wasn't up until a few years ago when I recognized that helping others in this field is what I'm suggested to do. That knew that you could make a job out of living a healthy and balanced life and also doing something you enjoy?

Taking my health and fitness to a new level by looking into and also implementing brand-new workout methods as well as first-class nutrition has actually made all the distinction for me and also currently I share what I've found out with others to attain the same.